Manifattura Paoloni

Manifattura Paoloni spa is an Italian fashion company working in different fields in the fashion setting.The company is renowned due to its high specialization in the outwear production, being the crowning point of one of the manufacturing centres of Le Marche Region. The strength of the group lies in the skilful mix among craftsmanship, items and tradition embracing innovation, research and design.In an ongoing path of growth that started more than thirty years ago, Manifattura Paoloni has been able to combine the entrepreneurial strength of a strong productive situation with the building of a defined and recognizable style for the perfection in its wearability, refined materials and tailored details.

Born in Appignano, a small town in the province of Macerata, the company has always been a pivoting point for the socio-economic develop- ment in a centre that is almost devoted to carpentry. Respecting theterritory both in terms of environmental impact and of promotion of the genius loci of Le Marche region, Manifattura Paoloni has the whole family involved in the business, startingfrom the thinking mind Michele, owner of the group together with his brother Luigi. Today their wives and children work together with them, committed in different fields from production, to style, to the administrative department. Along the years the company has wisely widened its operation range starting from the outwear up to the shirts to get to the total look with different features depending on the segments of the products placement.The strong Italian character identifying the company in the field of production and creativity, has not prevented Manifattura Paoloni from developing an effective international vocation both in terms of marketing and distribution.



Great attention is paid and devoted to the inner steps of the manufacturing process: style, pattern-making department, cut and prototypes realisa- tion, preparation and clearing of the working, everything performer by qualified experts in the industrial and handcrafted field. Thefinal quality control is a fundamental moment, on track with the company’s policy, and it is focused on the careful check of every single detail and guarantee of the finished product.

The clothes collection of contemporary man is designed by a new idea of elegance considering the care for the market’s needs as its core matter. The style department of the company thinks and creates cross lines where every product has specific and well-recognisable features that can be adapted to new individualities and occasions of use inorder to involve a wide customers range that is not homologated, because it is varied in its different ages, territorialities and life styles.

The expert designer teams in fact are differentiated depending on the type and on the placement of each product but they all share the same view and sensibility in the fields of research, quality and market.

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