The Paoloni collection is a curated wardrobe of finely made sartorial pieces for the contemporary man. Each design is inspired by a real sense of purpose and it is the expression of versatile and timeless aesthetics.

Paoloni remains true to its original sartorial and artisanal vocation while reenvisioning tailoring through the lens of modern functionality. At the same time the line redefines its heritage by introducing informal essentials like coats, technical outerwear and knitwear designed with a relevant and relaxed edge.

The brand is unmistakably Italian as in the passionate dedication to the craft of making quality clothes and developing the best raw material, but its vision of masculine style is distinctively cosmopolitan and inclusive.

Paoloni welcomes men from all walks of life and does not identify itself with any stereotype or specific age. It encourages everyone to partake in the experience of dressing well and feeling well.

The company is renowned due to its high specialization in the outwear production, being the crowning point of one of the manufacturing centres of Le Marche Region. The strength of the group lies in the skilful mix among craftsmanship, items and tradition embracing innovation, research and design.

The strong Italian character identifying the company in the eld of production and creativity, has not prevented Manifattura Paoloni from developing an effective international vocation both in terms of marketing and distribution.

More than thirty years history have mostly been accompanied by the rise of the brand Paoloni.

It was born at the beginning of the 90s and bears the name of the family owning the company, the brand is proud of very high quality, elegant items of clothing with a tailoring mark. Between the 90s and the 2000 it stood out in the close circle of the twenty biggest men clothing made in Italy companies, due to the turnover and the distribution.


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