MR*73 DROP 00

MR*73 DROP 00

Mr*73; ManufactuRed, since 1973, on one side the origins, on the other side red: the main colour of the trademark, a chromatic feature that can be recognised with a nuance between fire red and brick.

MR*73; grasps the authenticity of the “roots”, typical of the street world, to dilute it and make it accessible to a more conscious audience able to value it also due to the quality that an Italian company with a long history can guarantee. It does it in an authentic but polite way, making the aesthetic codes of three worlds lovable: tradition meant from the point of view of cultural symbols typical of the archive, street-wear taste and enthusiasm, and sportswear fit. MR*73 is made of this, it is a project centred on identity, which finds its personality right in the fusion and that was born from the passion of a group, a heterogeneous crew in terms of age and life: Good Old Days.

MR*73 is part of the Manifattura Paoloni spa Group

Manifattura Paoloni SpA is a company that completely belongs to Paoloni family whose President is Michele Paoloni; it is an Italian fashion company working in different fields in the fashion, through the brands Paoloni and Manuel Ritz. It is renowned for its high specialisation in the outwear production, it is the crowning achievement of one of the manufacturing centres of Le Marche region. The strength of the group is in the wise mix of craftsmanship, product and tradition that embraces innovation, research and design.


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